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Smart IPTV

1. Download the Smart IPTV app

2. Write down the Mac address that you find in the smart Iptv app

3. Surf into

4. Enter the Mac address in the mac field

5th Paste the m3u link into the url field

6. Change Exussr to iptv

7. Check detect epg and keep online then press send

Your test/subscription is now activated.

An emulator built after the magbox and actually gives you a real feeling of a set-top box with Smart STB gives you a stable view of all channels and everything is sorted in order.

also here you get a test period of 7 days ago we recommend that you buy the app for 270kr.

Start by plugging in the Ethernet cable so you get the correct MAC address and also prevent lag. iPTV should always run with cable

  1. Download Smart STB
  2. Launch the app when you see loading portal on tv and press ok (button in the middle)
  3. Go down to system settings
  4. Write down the Virtua MAC address then provide it when you apply for a test or when purchasing a subscription.
  5. Now browse to and create an account
  6. Key in software id on Smart stb website
  7. Under portals, type the following: http://dinurl:2095/c/
  8. Select Save

If you need further help, you can always reach us by email or our chat.

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