Smart IPTV

Instructions for you with a smart TV at home!

(LG and Samsung)

Do you have a smart TV in your home today? The smart iptv app is then exactly what you have been looking for, it is the perfect solution for you who really want to unleash the potential of your smart tv and start using Sweden’s smartest iptv service.

As our iptv service is both affordable and has an extremely good quality, most of our customers choose to start immediately with a 1-year subscription.
But for those of you who may not have 100% decided yet, we have developed a subscription where you can test iptv for 10 days!

UK's best service & knowledge for iptv

We are constantly working to find new apps & services so that you can easily get started with iptv on your smart TV or other devices. You will not find any other iptv provider with the same knowledge & service that you get from us.
If you have any questions, you can easily reach us by asking your question in our contact form, you are also more than welcome to contact us in the chat on the website.

Does Smart iptv work outside UK's borders?

The answer to that question is absolute! We work all over the planet. (As long as you have internet)

Instructions for installing Smart iptv

Follow these steps and you will quickly get started with by far the best IPTV experience in UK.

  • Start by downloading the app on your current TV, search for Smart IPTV
  • Open the app
  • Save the MAC address as shown
  • Surf to
  • Fill in MAC with the Mac Address you got above from the app on your TV
  • Then paste your m3u url where the yellow arrow shows
  • IMPORTANT is that you fill in exactly as the black arrow shows , IPTV and Disable plist logos AND Detect EPG
  • Then click Submit
  • Then restart your app on your TV.


Many apps have a temporary trial period and then you have to buy them. You can see the price on the respective apps website. The apps are not provided by us but by third parties and we can not influence prices / functions.

Other instructions: