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Installation for MyIPTV Player (Windows 10)

MYIPTV Player (Win 10)
Open the app , press settings

Click on “add new Playlist and epg source”.

Under remote channel list
Name write NordicStream
Under URL, paste the m3u link you received from us in the email and then press add remote list.

The same applies to Program Guide (EPG)
Name : NordicStream EPG
Epg Source URL : paste the EPG file you received from us in the email then press Add EPG source.

Now go back to settings at the top left.

Now select NordicStream under Select channel list press refresh.

The same goes for select EPG source.

So you are ready to just honk & drive.


Many apps have a temporary trial period and then you have to buy them. You can see the price on the respective apps website. The apps are not provided by us but by third parties and we can not influence prices / functions.

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